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Grey hair is among the imperfections most feared by women and, lately, even by men. The idea to show off almost creepy white hair and dye to the hairdresser to cover the grays is considered the ideal strategy to maintain a young and healthy appearance. Choosing the dye that's right for you is not easy, given the multitude of products on the market to cover white hair. The hairdresser will definitely recommend the type of product to use and coloring to cover white hair. Or we can even convert a certified workshop. However, in general, it is always a good idea, especially if the hair is weak and fragile, they choose dyes read, without ammonia. Ideally, you would move towards natural products, such as henna, free of side effects, or for riflessanti or coloring shampoos, light and delicate. Before making a dye or shampoo or highlighters you should always make sure they do not cause allergies. Therefore, it is recommended to make a less tincture once dl hairdresser before proceeding with DIY application. Because who is allergic to the components of the dye to cover the gray hairs, beyond the classic natural products can also choose discoloration in the form of stripes or highlights. Read the guide to learn the features, types, and how to choose the best products to cover gray hair based on quality, price, offers and accurate information for the consumer. The products mentioned on this site, dyes, highlighters, mascara, etc., can be used equally well for women as for men.

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